Better Together. Let’s Collaborate!

A basic observation led to the creation of the Woodlands Creatives: there are a lot of small businesses out there who need help, however they are either intimidated by working with large agencies or simply cannot afford their high prices. Because Woodlands Creatives is a small business as well – our partnership with you makes us all better together.

Being a small team of local experts, every client is important to us, no matter the size of the business. Our vision is to Empower our clients. We want to be your partner, while you remain the voice. This means that we would build a website that you could easily edit; or we would develop a strong social media strategy allowing you to continue posting…

When working with the Woodlands Creatives, you can receive a wide variety of Expertise (“the menu”) however you choose exactly what you need (“your dish”)! We can be your partner whether you just want a new logo or an entire marketing campaign.

Transparency is important to us! Based on the initial meeting with you, we will come up with a detailed proposal with recommendations. We will itemize this proposal to include project details, a timeline, and related pricing within your budget. You will then chose how you wish to proceed. Our communication with you is crystal clear from the very beginning.

Our Services: full service marketing • graphic design • web development • photography • copywriting • video • social media strategies • community and public relations • and more.